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GKCSHP Residency Research "Virtual" Day

  • 11 Sep 2020
  • 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM
  • Virtual (Zoom) sessions


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We are excited to invite you to join us for the GKCHP Resident Research Day.

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NOTE: Presentations start every 15 minutes within each track.

Login details will be sent on Thursday, September 10th to access the links via zoom

1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

Track 1 - Hematology/Cardiology
  • The Effect of a Novel Alert/Algorithm on the Detection and Correction of Iron Deficiency Anemia presented by Joshua Mohn | Saint Lukes Hospital
  • Optimization of Intravenous Iron Order Set at a Large Academic Medical Center for Patient Safety and Cost Improvement presented by Rachael Smith | The University of Kansas Health System
  • Prophylactic enoxaparin dosing in obesity presented by Adam Luetkemeyer | Saint Luke’s Hospital
  • Comparison of thrombotic and bleeding outcomes in obese and non-obese patients receiving DOAC therapy presented by Alyssa White | North Kansas City Hospital
  • Analysis of Sodium-Glucose Co-Transporter 2 Inhibitors in Heart Failure Patients with Type II Diabetes Mellitus: Implications on Safety, Transitions of Care, and Contunuation presented by Melinda Johnson | Saint Luke’s Hospital
  • Time to First Therapeutic PTT in Obese Patients with Heparin presented by Austin Miller | Truman Medical Center
  • "Evaluation and Implementation of Fixed Dosing 4-Factor Prothrombin Complex Concentrate for Warfarin Reversal
  • presented by Kristen Haeger-Overstreet | The University of Kansas Health System"
Track 2 - Transitions of Care/Psychiatry
  • Adverse Effects of Combination Antipsychotic Therapy in a Forensic Patient Population presented by Carrie Hansen | Center for Behavioral Medicine/NMPRC
  • Publication Rates of PGY-2 Psychiatric Pharmacy Residency Programs and Perceived Barriers/Successes to Publication presented by Dayton Antley | Center for Behavioral Medicine
  • Implications of medication reconciliation documentation of natural product use at a pediatric institution presented by Edward Mueller | Children's Mercy Hospital
  • Impact of Transitions of Care Pharmacist Interaction on 30 Day Readmission Rates in High-Risk Patients presented by Emily Mueller | The University of Kansas Health System
  • Evaluation of impact of pharmacist-driven education on prescription writing for pediatric neurology medications presented by Heather Fogarty | Children's Mercy Hospital
  • Evaluation of a pharmacist-led preventative screening intervention during comprehensive medication reviews presented by Jordan Frangello | Walgreens Specialty - Kansas City
  • Comparison of parenteral ketorolac dosing for acute pain in obstetric patients undergoing cesarean delivery in an academic medical center presented by Katie Luetkenhaus | Truman Medical Center
Track 3 - Quality Improvement/Informatics
  • Implementation of a Clinical Pharmacist Resource Allocation Tool presented by Brittanie Wieland | The University of Kansas Health System
  • Utilizing Clinical Pharmacists in a Value-Based Benefit Program presented by Chris Duphren | The University of Kansas Health System
  • Optimizing Medication Alerts Through Implementation of a Medication Alerts Review Committee presented by Erika Sieber | University of Kansas Health System
  • Implementation of a Specialty Clinical Outcomes Navigator presented by John Ho | The University of Kansas Health System
  • The Impact of Training Within Industry (TWI), Job Instruction Within Pharmacy presented by Faria Munir | The University of Kansas Health System
  • Optimizing automation and workflow design using an operational mission and vision statement presented by Erin Boswell | Saint Luke’s Hospital of Kansas City
  • Mission Impossible: Medication Returns in a Heavy De-Centralized Pharmacy Department presented by Shannon Stittsworth | The University of Kansas Health System
Track 4 - Infectious Disease/Antimicrobial Stewardship
  • Use of Continuous Alternating Therapy (CAT) in Pediatric Cystic Fibrosis Patients with Chronic Pseudomonas Infection presented by Alli Florack | Children's Mercy Kansas City
  • Impact of restrictive urinalysis criteria on asymptomatic bacteriuria antibiotic usage in a community hospital presented by Amelia Gooch | Olathe Health
  • Evaluation of vancomycin use in patients with neutropenic fever presented by Ryan Wooldridge | University of Kansas Health System St. Francis Campus
  • An analysis of Vancomycin efficacy in Intravenous Drug Users at an Academic Medical Center presented by Gadison Quick | Truman Medical Center
  • Venetoclax and Antifungal Prophylaxis in Acute Myeloid Leukemia presented by Taylor Updyke | University of Kansas Medical Center
  • Impact of Antibiotic Drug Shortages on Antibiotic Stewardship and Prescribing Patterns at an Academic Pediatric Hospital presented by Brett Wolford | Children's Mercy
  • Pharmacist-Driven MRSA Screening: Effects on Duration of Antibiotic Exposure After Conversion to MRSA Nasal PCR Testing from Traditional Plate Culture presented by Justice Oehlert | Olathe Medical Center
Track 5 - Critical Care
  • Tapering midodrine when used as an adjuvant to vasopressors presented by Aaron Lawson | Truman Medical Center
  • Efficacy Evaluation of Continuous Epoprostenol Inhalation in the Treatment of ARDS presented by Hannah Milenkovich | Saint Luke’s Hospital
  • "Assessing the use of Injectable Hydralazine in Adult Patients with Hypertensive Crises after the Implementation of Utilization Guidelines presented by Myles Dice | The University of Kansas Health System"
  • Evaluation of Norepinephrine Dose and Vasopressin Utilization in Patients with Septic Shock presented by Allison Brask | Saint Luke's Hospital of Kansas City
  • Optimizing vancomycin dosing with area under the curve kinetics in patients with severe methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus infections. presented by Anna Timmerberg | North Kansas City Hospital
  • Hypertonic Saline versus Mixed Salt Solution for the Management of Cerebral Edema: A single center before-and-after study presented by Mackenzie Moritz | Research Medical Center
  • Implementation of a Clonidine-based protocol for dexmedetomidine-related withdrawal symptoms in a community hospital intensive care unit presented by Leila Brizzee | Advent Health

2:45 pm Keynote Speaker

"Professional Well-being Before, During, and After COVID-19"
Jennifer Bickel, MD, FAAN, FAHS

3:45 pm - 4:30 pm

Track 1 - Hematology/Cardiology
  • ‘Evaluation of post discharge pharmacist-provider synced visits on 30 day readmission rates in patients with heart failure.” (subject to change) presented by Kyle Mick | LMH Health
  • Safety comparison of heparin and enoxaparin for venous thrombosis prophylaxis in traumatic brain injury presented by Sara Lauterwasser | Truman Medical Center
  • Impact of Pharmacist-Led Employee Health Screenings on Cardiovascular Risk presented by Ashley Kells | The University of Kansas School of Pharmacy-Wichita/Dillon's Stores
Track 2 - Transitions of Care/Psychiatry
  • The COVID Vaccine Conundrum - An Assessment of Vaccine Hesitancy Among Patients at a Federally Qualified Health Center presented by Letoia Clark | KC CARE Health Center
  • Development and implementation of a procedure to assess patient adherence to oral chemotherapy presented by Marianne Carter | LMH Health
  • Pharmacists Impact on Quality of Care in Inflammatory Disease Management presented by Lauren Schleicher | Saint Luke's Hospital
Track 3 - Quality Improvement/Informatics
  • Optimization of an electronic surveillance tool to measure pharmacy acuity and prioritize pharmaceutical care in an academic medical center
  • Evaluation of medication override practices at a large, academic health system
  • Evaluation of inpatient promethazine utilization and implementation of ISMP Best Practice
Track 4 - Infectious Disease/Antimicrobial Stewarship
  • Assessing Clinical Relevance of Penicillin Allergies in the Inpatient Setting presented by Kristen Farnet | Olathe Medical Center
  • Oral Vancomycin for C. difficile Prophylaxis in Allogeneic Stem Cell Transplant presented by Olivia Altemeier | The University of Kansas Health System
  • Evaluation of procalcitonin laboratory reference range modification and antimicrobial utilization presented by Allen Snider | The University of Kansas Health System
Track 5 - Critical Care
  • Comparison of ICU Admission Rates Between Symptom-Triggered vs. Fixed-Schedule Benzodiazepine Dosing in Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome presented by Megan Smith | Advent Health
  • Association of Low-Dose Ketamine Use with Emergency Department Throughput in Patients with Abdominal Pain presented by LeFontae McAtee | Research Medical Center
  • The Effect of Shifting Preferred Anti-Pseudomonal Coverage on Clinical Outcomes, Safety, and Costs presented by Kyle Klindworth | Saint Luke's Hospital of Kansas City
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