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18 Sep 2017 8:59 AM | Anonymous

Author: Bert McClary, RPh

At the August meeting, the group discussed the practice advancement legislation proposal, agenda topics from the June 23 and July 12 BOP meetings and pharmacy/drug-related sections of SB 501 that become effective August 28.

Practice Advancement Legislation Group

  • A multidisciplinary practice advancement group was convened in January and has met three times.  The MSHP Public Policy and Practice Advancement Initiative Committees are leaders in this effort.  The meetings are open and between 15 and 20 persons have participated in each meeting.  While most are MSHP members, there is regular attendance by MPA, BOP, UMKC and StLCOP.  LTC pharmacists have participated and an additional effort is being be made to have chain stores and nuclear pharmacies represented.
  • At the August 25 meeting in Columbia, proposed pharmacy practice act language was agreed on that includes authority to prescribe drugs including controlled substances, removal of the requirement for a prescription to implement a medication therapy services protocol, and removal of the term medication therapeutic plan.  Language is also proposed to be changed in the controlled substances act to allow prescribing of controlled substances by pharmacists, which will provide the basis for a pharmacist DEA registration.
  • Although MPA members and staff have participated in the group, the MPA board of directors has not yet voted to support or promote the legislation.  MPA retains a lobbyist and has a formal process for sponsoring legislation which their board requires to be followed, but they do wish to work together with the other organizations in this effort.  MSHP members have strongly recommended that support and sponsorship also be solicited from the Missouri Hospital Association, and MHA staff have expressed interest.  A meeting with MHA staff, who have considerable experience in promoting legislation, is being arranged.  All participants have emphasized that this must be a true collaborative effort that is supported by all pharmacy practice settings.
  • The MSHP PAI members are continuing to refine a Q&A, and will develop examples of advanced practices that will show the patient care benefits of increased pharmacist participation in direct patient care.
  • A chairperson had not been previously designated, and Daniel Good accepted a request to serve in this position.  Daniel is past-president of MSHP, serves on the MPA board of directors, is a member of the BOP Hospital Advisory Committee, has worked directly with MHA on pharmacy-related projects and will be able to coordinate this multidisciplinary group.
  • A core “executive group” will meet on September 21 to make decisions on next steps to move the effort forward.

The Public Policy Committee meets by telephone conference the first Thursday of each month at 4:00 p.m.  The new chair is Amy Benson, Director of Pharmacy at Liberty Hospital.  If you would like to join the conversations and if there are public policy/regulatory issues that you would like to discuss, contact Amy at abenson@libertyhospital.org.

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