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18 Sep 2017 8:37 AM | Anonymous

Author: Bert McClary, RPh

The Board met on July 12 in open session with several MSHP members present and participating. 

  • Governor-mandated public rule comment period.  Members of the public commented on rules including pharmacist CE for drug administration and maintenance of electronic prescription records.
  • Draft legislation proposal for technicians.  There is concern that the governor’s office wants restriction of oversight by state agencies rather than expansion.  Topics discussed during the meeting for further changes in the proposal included age requirements, advanced technician roles, nuclear technician CE, registration of trainees, and oversight by pharmacist during training.  A final version was to be reviewed by the Board and presented to the Governor’s office in early August, but this version has not been publicly distributed.
  • Other proposed legislation.  Additional proposals agreed to move forward included clarifying the role of third-party logistics providers and changing pharmacist CE to a biennial period rather than annual.
  • Required rule review.  Although hospital pharmacist interest is usually focused on inpatient-related issues, more hospital pharmacists are showing interest in Board rules for outpatient pharmacy as well.  Board members were again reminded of the Governor’s request for a reduction in the number of mentions of “shall” and “must.”  Lengthy discussions were held regarding five rules scheduled under the previous Governor’s required Rule Review 2020, and seven draft rule proposals that are in process, including:
    • Compounding Standards of Practice.  Updating is needed, including consideration of USP 795.  Postpone for one year due to other priorities.
    • Nuclear.  A nuclear subcommittee will recommend minimum changes and wait for USP 825 requirements.
    • Standards of Operation.  Miscellaneous editorial and minor changes recommended.
    • Supervision.  A new rule proposal would address current supervision requirements and new concepts such as remote technician supervision.  Recommended to focus first on final verification of a prescription/order, considering technology and credentials and qualifications of technicians.  Later discussion of types and definitions of remote supervision.  Hospital pharmacists expressed concerns about expansion of remote hospital physician clinics with no pharmacy services onsite that could be addressed with remote supervision.
    • Administration by prescription order.  Removal of CE requirement.
    • Vaccines by protocol.  Change CE requirements to 2 hours per 2 years.
  • A Governor’s Task Force on Boards and Commissions is still meeting with Boards and discussing possible changes such as combining various boards, inspector qualifications (e.g.: non-pharmacist inspectors), salaries, CE for staff, and technology.  Board staff emphasized the need for continuity and expertise of pharmacist inspectors and retaining separation from other medical professional boards.  Board member appointments are still anticipated this summer.
  • Proposed Patient Safety Conference and Opioid Conference are still on hold.
  • A webinar is scheduled to review new 2017 legislation, most of which will become effective August 28.  Legislation will also be reviewed in the August BOP Newsletter.
  • Board Officers.  Christian Tadrus was elected President.  Christian is a past-president of MPA and a principal in the Missouri Pharmacist Care Network supporting advanced clinical practice in community pharmacy.  Although Christian does not support expanded technician roles, he has been a friend of hospital pharmacy and has represented community pharmacy in various Board hospital pharmacy issues for a number of years, including the Hospital Advisory Committee.  Doug Lang, a perennial hospital pharmacy promoter, is serving a new term on the Board after being absent for several years and was elected Vice President.

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