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Student Society of Health-System Pharmacy (SSHP) Chapter Update: UMKC School of Pharmacy

25 Jul 2017 2:47 PM | Deleted user

Author: Kyle Klindworth, UMKC SSHP Chapter President in Kansas City and Kaitlyn Lee, UMKC SSHP Chapter President in Columbia

This fall, UMKC SSHP had a membership drive that lasted throughout the first month of school and included many events. During the first week of classes, our school holds a "Lunch on the Lawn" event, which is essentially a student organization fair. At this event, we made a poster for our organization and had members of our executive board stand and give students information about joining the three organizations. We also held an informational SSHP general meeting early in the fall semester, to recruit membership from pharmacy students from all classes. During the 2016-2017 school year, across all three campuses, we recruited 120 members to join SSHP, MSHP, and the local chapters!

SSHP held the Clinical Skills Competition last October as a two-day event in an effort to increase student participation. The majority of students that partake in the event are typically fourth year students on rotations, so switching to a two-day event made the competition more successful. The first day was the case work-up. The judges reviewed the cases and the top teams were asked to present their cases on day two. This year we had ten teams of two students participate in the contest, and the winning team was sent to compete in the national competition at Mid-Year.

The UMKC SSHP Chapter also holds an annual “Residency Roundtable” in the Fall semester of the school year to provide students with tips for success related to residencies. This event facilitates the students' understanding of what is required to obtain a residency and what is expected of a resident. This year the event was held on October 1, 2016 with 42 student attendees. We invited current residents across the country to attend as well as their residency directors. Fifteen different residency programs were represented at the event. This provided students with a diverse group of residents and exposure to the many different areas of pharmacy. Diane McClaskey, RPh, BCPS gave a keynote presentation with useful tips for becoming a successful candidate for residency programs as well as helpful tips when interviewing, and the importance of residencies to the field of pharmacy. After the keynote, there was a panel discussion where the programs answered questions that students had regarding residencies followed by a lunch/networking session that lasted roughly 2 hours. Students were able to ask questions about programs and residency in general. After the networking session, there were two additional presentations about how to apply for residency programs and about the ASHP Mid-Year Clinical Meeting. Dr. Stephanie Schauner gave a presentation about PhORCAS and Dr. Barbara Kasper discussed ASHP Mid-Year Clinical Meeting tips. Both Dr. Schauner and Dr. Kasper gave insight into the general application process and interview information.

UMKC School of Pharmacy has three locations across Missouri, providing a unique opportunity for students to work with MSHP and the local affiliates/pharmacists involved in those communities. The goal of this project was to increase awareness of Health-System Pharmacists during National Pharmacy Week 2016. On the Springfield campus, SSHP members worked with the MSHP Secretary and Past-President to contact local radio and television stations and share public service announcements from ASHP. The PSA announcements were disseminated to four television stations and over 15 radio stations. For the Columbia location, the SSHP President (Columbia) worked with the President of Mid-Missouri SHP and the MSHP Secretary to provide these PSA announcements to local radio stations.

Last, but not least, UMKC SSHP continues to play a role in improving patient care within the community. One project that we have continued to be involved with is the Vial of Life project to further patient safety and continuity of care. The Vial of Life program allows our SSHP chapter to distribute vials to community members, particularly the elderly, at local health fairs and community events. Our members assist patients in completing an up-to-date home medication list and provide them with a sticker to place in their window so emergency personnel can find the list and obtain information about the patient's medication history. We believe that the Vial of Life project is a great way to help members of our community in a time when they need it most – during an emergency. We see this as a way to improve patient safety and provide continuity of care to patients, even when we are not physically with them. In total, we were able to distribute vials to over 120 patients in the community!

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