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MSHP Public Policy, Practice Advancement Initiative & Strategic Planning Committees by Bert McClary

25 Jul 2017 12:54 PM | Deleted user
The PP and PAI Committees have continued to discuss and lead the effort on a possible legislative proposal to modify the scope of practice authorized through medication therapy services protocols with physicians.  A multidisciplinary group was convened in January, has held telephone discussions and met again in July.  The original focus was to revise the language to provide clear prescribing authority and controlled substance authority under MTS protocols.  Additional recommendations included removal of the separate prescription order requirement to implement a protocol, removal of the redundant term medication therapeutic plan and possible inclusion of provider status language.  Considerable discussion has been held between meetings by individual MSHP members at the Spring Meeting and through email communication.  Current reimbursement and provider status laws have been evaluated for both Missouri and other states to determine the best approach to codify pharmacist eligibility.  Since other Missouri professional practice acts do not include a provider status component, and this may dilute the significance of the scope of practice effort, it might be preferable to include provider status in a separate bill under another statute section such as Insurance.  While it is apparent that essentially all current MTS activity is occurring in hospitals and health system clinics, it is also clear that any scope of practice proposal must have the united support of all pharmacy practice settings.  The legislative expertise of both MPA and the Missouri Hospital Association will be sought, as well as lobbying support from individual health systems.  Final bill language will be developed soon and promotional information will be provided for use by groups and individuals when the next session of the General Assembly meets in January.

The Strategic Planning Committee met on June 24 and included scope of practice legislation and technician legislation proposals as its regulatory priorities for the coming year.  A third priority will be enhancing relationships with the Missouri Hospital Association.

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