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Halloween has now passed which can mean only one thing...it’s time for Christmas music and the ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting is almost here. OK, maybe that’s actually two things, but I digress. MSHP is hard at work preparing for the meeting and we are pleased to announce that we will host a reception for Missouri pharmacists on Monday, December 4th from 6-8 PM at the Rosen Centre Hotel in Orlando. We hope to see all of you there! As an organization, we would like to extend a hearty thank you to both the UMKC School of Pharmacy and the Saint Louis College of Pharmacy for their support of this reception. Without their assistance and sponsorship we would not be able to host such a fantastic reception, so to Dean Russell Melchert and President John Pieper, thank you!!

This is also a very important time for our PGY-1 pharmacists and our pharmacy students, as they prepare for the next phase of their careers and search for a residency. I’m sure all of you can remember how chaotic and overwhelming the Residency Showcase felt as you searched for those programs you would like to apply to, trying not to get trampled as thousands of students zipped around the conference center trying to find their home for the next 1-2 years. In considering this, I would like to ask that if you are currently precepting a student who is interested in pursuing a residency, take a few minutes to sit down with them and help them prepare for the Showcase and encourage them to develop a plan of attack. Even 5-10 minutes of focused preparation can make all the difference in the world for our students who look to us for guidance and support. Additionally, if any students have additional questions or would like some advice I encourage them to send me an email as well! I can be reached any time at HamptonJP@umkc.edu.

I’ll keep my message short for this edition and end it here, but it was great seeing everyone at Midyear!

Jeremy P. Hampton, PharmD, BCPS

President - MSHP

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