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After this webinar, you will be able to:

  1. Describe the legislative and regulatory framework that dictates pharmacy practice in Kansas and Missouri.
  2. List strategies for being a successful advocate for the profession.
  3. Describe how to best work with various regulatory bodies.

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President's Message from Davina Dell-Steinbeck, PharmD, BCPS

This summer we sent out a survey to our membership to gauge interest in attending an in-person celebration for our 50th anniversary. As expected, the survey results showed that our membership is not in favor of having an event at this time. 65% of members did not support an in-person meeting and 75% of members said they would not be comfortable at an in-person event until 2021. Several members commented that holding an in-person meeting sends the wrong message and goes against the actions of multiple national organizations. Others commented that they would not be comfortable gathering until there is a vaccine. Many commented about the state of the economy and the inability to travel because of both work and financial restrictions.

The board and I agree and we have decided to postpone an in-person celebration of the 50th anniversary of MSHP indefinitely. We also feel that this is an important milestone for this organization and do not think that it is appropriate to try to celebrate virtually (besides what was done at Spring Meeting). While this saddens me, I am also excited because I know that MSHP has a bright future. We have a bright future because of the amazing leaders we have had in the past, that surround me now, and that we are going to have in the future. I know that MSHP will be around for years to come and that we will be able to celebrate our rich history on future anniversaries.

I would like to thank all MSHP members for their understanding and patience while the board came to this decision. We will definitely celebrate in-person, in the future, once it is safe to be together again. Since we will likely not be able the gather together this year, I encourage everyone to celebrate our rich history by getting involved, showing your passion for the profession, and supporting MSHP.

I would like to acknowledge the members of the December 1969 organizing committee and persons attending the February 1970 organizing meeting. A special thanks to Bert McClary for sharing this list with me.

  • Harvey Whitney, St. Louis
  • Tom Garrison, Kansas City
  • Garf Thomas, Columbia
  • Norman Hammelman, St. Louis
  • Jerry Herberholt, St. Louis
  • Sr. Jane McMenamy, St. Louis
  • George Heine, St. Louis
  • Ralph Holbrook, Kansas City
  • Tom Whalen, Hannibal
  • Ron Wightman, St. Charles
  • Don Ediger, Kansas City
  • Mack Davis, Joplin
  • Gordon Hughes, Washington
  • Fred Tonnies, St. Louis
  • Jim Hart, Kansas City
  • Bert McClary, Columbia
  • Charles Juengel, St. Louis
  • Ann Feldewerth, St. Louis
  • J. C. Chipman, Kansas City
  • Tom Schwartztrauber, St. Louis
  • David Davis, St. Louis
  • Joel Dickman, Warrensburg
  • Ron Dickman, Sedalia
  • Rex Greim, Kansas City
  • Norman Hoverson, St. Joseph
  • Mrs. Norman Hoverson, St. Joseph
  • Robert Schaefer, St. Louis
  • James Hurych, St. Charles
  • Les Johnstone, Columbia
  • John Rejnin, St. Joseph
  • Jerry Lampher, Columbia
  • Paul Menges, St. Louis
  • Charles Shaloob, St. Louis
  • Pauline Steuben, Columbia
  • K. W. Richesson, Carollton
  • Ben Wakasa, St. Louis
  • Gary Coleman, Kansas City
  • Gerald Winegardner, Kansas City
  • Lois Morgan, Columbia
  • Florence Mueller, St. Louis
  • Sr. Anne Besard, St. Louis
  • Sr. Mariella Stenger, St. Louis
  • Sr. Mary Gibbons, St. Louis
  • Sr. Regina Pingel, St. Charles
  • Donald Sonderegger, Kansas City
  • Roger Bellas, Kansas City
  • Ken Robnett, St. Louis
  • Ester Wright, Kansas City
  • Ed Peters, St. Louis
  • Tim Covington, St. Louis
  • Ivan Lambert, Kansas City
  • Ted Limbaugh, St. Louis

Davina Dell-Steinbeck, PharmD, BCPS

MSHP President

Missouri Board of Pharmacy

Missouri Pharmacy Association COVID-19

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